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A Message from Dr. Mike Andreano

We certainly live in interesting times, but I can say with certainty that the Lord is on His throne. I do not know what the immediate future will bring or whether "the virus" is a serious threat to your health or not. Either way, it's wise (until we have a better picture) to take some reasonable steps to limit exposure and build your immune system.

All the standard advice applies: wash your hands, try not to touch your face, etc. Washing your hands with soap and water is effective. Antimicrobial gels are not a good option in my opinion. Washing your hands so much that the skin is dry and irritated actually breaks down your body’s natural barrier to infection so don't overdo it. I have started using exam gloves and wiping down my equipment with non-chemical antimicrobial wipes (Norwex silver infused cloth) while working with each patient to limit exposure to germs and viruses.

Limit sugar: (candy, cakes, cookies, soda, fruit juice, etc.) sugar will lower immune system function by about 40%.

Reducing meal frequency can also be helpful in improving your immune function. (1-2 meals per day)

Limit stress: stress also has a profound effect on lowering immune function. When I was in school, we would work up to finals week living on pizza, coffee and little sleep. Every semester there was a pattern, as soon as finals were over and go on break, the majority of us got sick...I believe from stress.

Sleep: strive to get a good night rest 7-8 hours per night will go a long way toward managing stress and helping your immune system work properly.

Diffusers: (commonly used for essential oils and can be purchased at Target or Walmart) can be used to support immune function. Fill the well with 3% hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of iodine solution. (drug store or health food store) Breathing in the vapor will help your immune system tackle any virus or bug that it is currently dealing with especially in the lungs or upper respiratory system.

Supplementation: Scientific research and my own clinical experience has proven that nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies are very effective in building up the immune system and helping your body to overcome active infection.

ArabinoGalactans: These polysaccharides have been shown to block viruses from entering the cell which would effectively prevent infection.

Vitamin D: Winter is Flu and cold season. Vitamin D researchers speculate that lower vitamin D levels in the winter degrade your ability to fight infection. Vitamin D supplementation has shown to decrease the rate of flu. I recommend a minimum of 6000 units Vitamin D3 per day for three months and then an average of 3000 units per day as maintenance. If you get sick or very run down you up the vitamin D to 10000-20000 units per day for a month and even up to 100000 units per day during an active infection for up to a week.

Vitamin A: is also a very important factor to keep your lungs and sinus passages strong and prevent infection. This has to be a animal based vitamin A from foods like calf liver or cod liver oil.

Iodine: is also antimicrobial and most of the population is deficient. It has recently been shown to wipe out "the virus". I recommend at least 10mg per day as prevention.

Zinc: another nutrient that is generally deficient in the population but is known to help the immune system work better.

We carry all these products in high quality forms at the office and we ship.

This is my basic recommendation for prevention:

Galactan: Easy to mix, tasteless powder high in Arabinogalactans great for bowel health and immune function. 1 TBS/day for prevention and 3 TBS/day for an active infection.

Green Pastures Cod liver/Butter oil - A unique high quality product that has Vitamin A,D and K in the proper forms as well as other immune boosting forms. Take 3/day for 4 weeks then 2/day as maintenance.

Vitamin D3 serum, a great form of liquid vitamin D. Each drop is 1000 units. Take 10 drops per day for 3 months and then 3 drops per day (even in the summer), 2 drops if you are taking the cod liver oil. We also have 10000 unit Vitamin D3 caps from Pure Encapsulations.

Bio-active iodine has 12.5g iodine per caps plus cofactors that help your body utilize it.

Zinc Liver Chelate a food sourced high bio available zinc supplement. 3/day.

We also have high quality antiviral herbal supplements available that would be a good idea to keep on hand...just in case.

Of course, as of now, there is talk of quarantines and some are starting to avoid public places. We do test clients using your saliva sample. So, if you are very sick and can’t make it into the office or do not feel comfortable exposing yourself to public spaces, just send us a saliva sample. Suck on the end of a Q-Tip (to get it wet) place it in a zip lock bag and pop it in the mail to us (or have someone drop it off). I can test it and make up a customized protocol for you and ship it back out.

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God Bless,

Mike Andreano DC, PScD

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